KMRO releases “It’s war” EP


“It’s war” is a meditation on political resistance in an oppressive world. Four songs created to challenge the disgusting era of first world colonial arrogance and violence. Every being alive in this moment can feel the pain in every cell and circuit board. This album is an effort to navigate the emotional poison of this age.

For colonized people it has been war for 500 years. For queer people it has been war for 2000 years. For animals and ecosystems it has been war since organized agriculture. In some ways it has always been war, but some people get the privilege to ignore the suffering that gets worse every single day. “It’s war” is a reminder, a meditation and a mantra to navigate war the best that you can.

If it’s war, are you ready to fight? Will you use every tool in the toolbox to make change? Are you willing to sacrifice your comfort for the comfort of others? Will you call out bullshit? Will you engage in civil disobedience? Keep in mind that every being has a role to play – it’s war isn’t about guilt, but an invitation to reflect on what you can do to make revolutionary change.

Get the album at bandcamp and let us know what you think!  Thanks for the continued support.

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