KMRO releases “Free WIFI” EP



Karma Means Revolutionary Overthrow

Magic was the only way to communicate over impossible distances. Curses, blessings, prayers, expressions of despair and hope have been transmogrified into modern day versions of the spoken (and unspoken) word. Today we email and social media ourselves into a stupor.

Digital communication is the most mundane, toxic and worst medium of communication of our sordid existence on this planet. Interconnected networks not only have not given us what they promised (freedom, democracy, community) but have directly created dystopian nightmarish scenarios where people argue lies as truth, where our value is as targeted consumer and our expression drop in a maw of absorption.

The right hand of dictators, the left hand of multinational corporations, and the “necessary” evil in our world, the internet has been a devastation for every person I’ve ever met. The list of ills that social media plagues us with calls for a voice for the Luddites and a casual request to shut that shit off.

Of course the question of inconsistency is probably on your mind. Didn’t you find this EP via the internet? Aren’t you listening through WIFI right now? KMRO has a website . . . isn’t this all a little hypocritical?

Yes. Who gives a fuck?

The fact that someone uses the internet doesn’t invalidate their dissatisfaction with it. The fact that someone might spend more time than is healthy on the internet doesn’t mean that they can’t see the poison seeping into their veins. The fact that someone might desire community and rage against the fact that only “online friends” are available doesn’t mean that this whole system isn’t bullshit. The fact that people can stream, download and connect with great music in France doesn’t mean that the costs outweigh the benefits.

Inconsistency is only evidence of the pervasiveness of the problem. Purity is a sucker’s game and may the gods forgive those who seek purity of action in this day and age. So don’t put that shit on KMRO – we live in the same messed up, inconsistent world that you do. We struggle to live and also to resist at the same time. The idea that we might use the internet and also despise the internet is an understanding already running through our circuit boards.

This tension mixed with a desire for expression birthed this EP. A reflection of just how fucked we are. A little taste of a world where people fundraise for their basic medical needs through internet campaigns, and try to represent themselves as fictional ideals of their actual desperate lives.


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