Introducing KMRO: Political noise

Rebecca P. A few months ago I found an interesting punk/electronic album on bandcamp. I emailed the band (KMRO) and got an email back. We started emailing and they agreed to answer some interview questions. But check out KMRO Why do you call yourselves a human/electronic hybrid? K: A big part of our daily…

KMRO releases “Free WIFI” EP

Free WIFI EP KMRO Karma Means Revolutionary Overthrow Magic was the only way to communicate over impossible distances. Curses, blessings, prayers, expressions of despair and hope have been transmogrified into modern day versions of the spoken (and unspoken) word. Today we email and social media ourselves into a stupor. Digital communication is the most mundane,…

KMRO Video: “Gender traitor”

Enjoy KMRO’s first music video “Gender traitor” featuring clips from Sylvia Rivera’s speech from the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day rally.

KMRO releases Border Nazi EP

KMRO offers a provocative new 5-song EP: “Border Nazi”. Complete with complete non-linear linear notes and a full-tilt political attack on all assumptions.