KMRO Releases GAS

KMRO- GAS original scan 2020

What if a black cat flew in from outer space to tell us what was up?  Arriving in a 1960s style bus, the extraterrestrial feline brought wisdom and sounds from the future and the past to help liberate us.  This is the message from that cat.

KMRO helped to transfer the sonic ramblings of the space cat’s visit.  Offering a humble backing band for the ideas that are so timely. Be kind, revolution is within our grasp, we don’t have to live like this – there are other ways to be.

Humans are vulnerable creatures – we are defensive and often unwilling to engage with new ideas.  The cat knew that articulating the revolutionary message would have to meet the humans half-way – full insight would cause our minds to melt.  So the medium was through an obscure human/electronic hybrid sympathetic to the stakes of the times.

Trans/portation is available to all – get on the bus.

Creation notes

This album was recorded in January-March of 2020.  It was recorded entirely DIY with home-made synthesizers, modular synths, acoustic instruments, guitars and mediocre microphones.  KMRO enthusiastically uses the free audio editing software Audacity. Album was mastered in a cheap car. Thanks to Rage Cat/ Laura Keenados for the amazing cover art!

You can always reach KRMO at, and via our bandcamp page –

Thanks to everyone who supported, helped us with gigs, jammed and made free-wheeling music.  We love y’all!KMRO
Karma Means Revolutionary Overthrow

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