KMRO live at Outer Space

KMRO at outer space octoberDIY community organization Outer Space in Arcata has released a live KMRO EP.  Outer Space is an all-ages, alcohol and drug free safer space with robust radical political framing.  The collective organizes to change culture through enacted politics.  Art space, performance space, DIY craft and art shop, gallery, workshop zone and much more Outer Space has been an anchor of alternative imaginations in Humboldt County.

KMRO were pleased to perform in October of 2019.  Captured here is a live set of noise, metal and performance art.  Featuring the first public engagement of the Mr. Moneybags the pseudo-theramin built into the body of a green plastic pig.  Audience members were invited to “play” Mr. Moneybags by shining their cell phones into the pig’s eyes (including a 3rd eye).  Enjoy the set and pick up the album at the Outer Space bandcamp site.

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