Second live KMRO album released

KMRO live at the Outer Space Project September 7, 2019 released by the Outer Space project. This recording is a live soundboard recording of a fragmented evening with First Wife, Curse, Silence in the Snow. This performance included modular synth, noise instruments DIY, guitar, pedals, and a green pig synthesizer named Moneybags.

Moneybags was placed on a chair in the audience and people were invited to “play” Moneybags with the lights on their cell phones. Interactive, engaging and charming, it is possible that KMRO has found the collective’s first “star!”

Outer Space project ( have been releasing the audio recordings from live performances for the last year and the options are amazing. KMRO recommends that you explore the Outer Space catalog and support independent music collectives during this difficult time.

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