KMRO release “Earth Prison”

“Every artist knows how far from any feeling of letting himself go his “most natural” state is — the free ordering, placing, disposing, giving form in the moment of “inspiration” — and how strictly and subtly he obeys thousandfold laws precisely then, laws that precisely on account of their hardness and determination defy all formulation through concepts (even the firmest concept is compared with them, not free of fluctuation, multiplicity, and ambiguity).”

  • Friedrich Nietzsche “Beyond Good and Evil” 1886.  p 100-101. 

Can humans perceive the depth to which their lives are out of order with the universe?  Can we understand the forces that are in operation on our bodies and minds that limit our potential?

“Earth Prison” is the story of mole people under the earth who have been kept in servitude.  Perhaps their understanding of self was distorted by some thousands-years-ago-global trauma?  The mole people live under the earth under the thumb of a cruel shaman.  The shaman enriches them self on their mole-labor and encourages the mole people only to dig deeper into the earth.  

Contact with a stray root from a long dormant tree brings some liberatory spark.  A mole person breaks from the path and considers forbidden thoughts of climbing upward.  Sneaking to explore and slowing digging upward they find a crack in the earth and break through into moonlight.  

Abandoned a thousand years earlier from any human contact, the sensory overload of the moment paralyzes the mole person who can only imagine what the future will bring.  


The final thoughts of the KMRO Collective as we close this project.  

  1.  Mental poisons accompany physical toxins.  The lies told by plastics manufacturing, corporate agriculture apologists and byproducts of modern life are really bad for you.  The combination of propaganda deception and lead poisoning in the drinking water come hand in hand. 
  2. Sweet promises and so-called “truth” obscure our sincere inquiry.  Don’t get suckered by the secure comfort of someone promising that they are correct.  Ask your own questions, do your own research and disbelieve everything. 
  3. Take risks and dig in the places that seem unproductive, undervalued and underexplored. 

Karma Means Revolutionary Overthrow

Know My Rights Officer

October 2020

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