Know My Rights Officer EP

At the end of 2019 you gotta know your rights. As nation after nation becomes fascist nationalistic apocalyptic war machines the small spaces for expression, love and life need to be cherished. The full spectrum of communication can only be appreciated if you know what you can and can’t do under surveillance.

KMRO suggests becoming familiar with the ACLU, keeping the phone number of a lawyer around, and never talking to the cops. Just don’t do it. Let a lawyer do your talking even if it costs some money.

This is an EP of songs of love and machinations intended to sooth, agitate and all points in between. Know My Rights Officer is an invocation for authority to do better, for cops to stop beating people and for people to not have to stress this shit. It won’t work, so you gotta know the other side of the invocation which is just practical advice.

This EP is in tribute of all the victims of police violence world wide. From Gaza to Ferguson to Hong Kong.

Thanks to Andi for suggesting the moniker for KMRO.

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