KMRO Petra Glyph discography USB


KMRO is a vision from the past and the future. To make drone-influenced electronic music with a heavy metal organic flair. We started after a trip to the woods in a cabin with an acoustic guitar and notebook. Currently working with a legion of DIY guitar pedals and a modular synthesizer. The dream was that a space could be created for this tension between the living world and the circuit life.

This discography is a collection of some of our favorite tunes. Four EPs and a handful of singles put together into a limited edition (only 18 total available) custom-made USB drive. All the linear notes. All the images, and all the tunes in one place. (And one muzak video).

Nothing like time in a capitalist apocalypse to make you nostalgic for a year ago. Time is being shot toward us from the future with increased velocity. We don’t have time to look around, to think to breathe. So this is a pause – a moment in time to consider and reflect.

Like most projects some of the home-made sounds we created in the first days of this project are cooler than the carefully planned stuff that we made today. The early songs are a good representation of simply making music to make music.

KMRO is and always will be a fragile thing. The notion to make uncompromising music true to your values and your aesthetic senses will always be fraught with fear. We often talk about how indulgent and how foolish the whole thing is. A lot of the emotions that drive the project are grief, anger and loss. Music becomes a way to help articulate those expressions in a new (hopefully more positive) frame.

This discography is limited to 18 total copies released. The Petra Glyph discography USB includes: It’s War EP, Anthropocentrism EP, Border Nazi EP, Free WIFI EP, Collected KMRO singles and a music video for Gender Traitor. Please enjoy.

You can always find more information at  You can buy copies of the Petra Glyph USB at bandcamp.

Karma Means Revolutionary Overthrow

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