New KMRO Merchandise

kmro merch

KMRO brings you a new line of limited edition merch!  We’ve got a few limited edition patches, Petra Glyph Discography USB drives, and ultra limited edition hot sauces.

Seeing KMRO live is the only way to get access to the limited edition DIY hot sauces.  This fall we have Serrano garlic lime (fermented) and Serrano pineapple.  Peppers were grown organically and locally.  Each batch was lovingly hand crafted by heavy metal heads and synthesists.

The limited edition patches (9 available live and 9 available online) and Petra Glyph USB  drive (9 available live and 9 available online) can be found at the KMRO bandcamp site for global purchase.

Stickers are available free for any live event and included in every online order.

More info on the KMRO Petra Glyph limited edition discography USB can be found here.

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